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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

i'm sorry.

i've been lazy! so lazy.
and somehow i have managed to neglect this site for a very long time. but i'm still shooting, and i'm still trying, and i must remember never to give up. posting can be like a pen pal, you know? its so easy to slack on it, and loose communication, but i'll try and work on that. i promise.

i hope your still out there. i have so very much more to show you.

how patriotic

i will miss you when i'm gone

two of many

for a new project i'm working on. i'm going to shoot every space my band preforms in.

summer hit us hard.

Monday, July 7, 2008

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Somewhere, in the past 5 years I've developed an unhealthy obsession with Wildwood, NJ.
I've always been a huge nerd in regards to anything concerning Worlds Fairs, amusement parks,
"adult playgrounds" of the early 1900's - like ashbury park and coney island...
There is something just so captivating about the way things used to be.
Recently I spent a whole week searching the internet for anything regarding the history of
Wildwood NJ. While I didn't find much actual text about the subject, I did learn quite a lot about
the assorted fires and scandals and changes in ownership (maybe there isn't much else historically, really...)
I also stumbled upon a few pages of photos of the boardwalk in its hayday. They were amazing. Its crazy to
think that the Wildwood I know today, is dramatically different than the Wildwood of 50 years ago. So many
things have changed...the style, the rides, the design...
While the old rides were pretty much death traps, there is something that is still so unique, beautiful,
and charming about them.

Anyway, here is a collection of my favorite images I found in my searching I've been wanting to share.