Thursday, February 25, 2010

snow beast

Lucy, 1998-2010

I know this isn't really intended to be a personal blog, but sometimes important
things happen that you just want
to share with others. As as artist, I have found
that my
way of grieving is different than most people. So when our family member,
Lucy the canine, passed away a few days
ago I turned to my photos as comfort. I
was sad to find that I didn't have more!
Charlie also penned a beautiful song that is a wonderful memorial to all the
memories of her we hold so dear. Whenever I miss her, I know that song will
always be around to stand for all the good and positiveness she represented.
Animals are important parts of our lives, and I think most of us knows how big of a
hole they leave when they pass away. Lucy was an amazing dog, and she will greatly
be missed.
If you feel like giving Charlies song a listen, it can be found here.