Monday, January 26, 2009

art show

Charlie and I recently had a successful art show at Bennas entitled "Forget Winter." We had lots of good friends show up for the opening, and it felt really good to see my work up on the wall. It gave me a new sense of pride and motivation to keep shooting and working. Most importantly, though, it made me feel like an artist. I'm excited to keep that feeling going.


ali said...

That's exciting!!!! Congrats to you Zia :)

Unknown said...

so awesome! i'm going to be in philly monday.... i really want to see the show.... and you and chuckerz!!!!

tom p.

cake. said...

zia, i'm at work and illegally looking at the internet {how times change!} but you are cool and worth it and i wish that i could come see your show!


bluebird said...