Tuesday, January 5, 2010

so this is the new year

happy new year everyone!
I was going to make an update today and I realized something very important...
this blog was started 3 years ago in january as a "new years resolution". While
there have been some patches of inactivity here and there, I'm feeling really
great about the fact that it is still kickin!
Originally, I was hoping that this blog would help me start shooting regularly
(which it did!) and by doing that, something unexpected started to happen..
I started to find my photographic voice. I know that sounds kinda cheesy,
but its true. In fact, yesterday I was informed that one of my wrestling photos
was accepted into a group show for Phillyist for the end of January!
So, thanks for looking and being patient. Thanks for commenting. Heres to
many more to come.

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